Oklahoma City



Our company was established in 1977. With three locations, Houston, Odessa, and Oklahoma City, we have been providing reliable mechanical seals to customers, in the following businesses: pump manufacturing, pipeline transportation, chemical, petroleum and water processing plants.

You can reach us in Houston by telephone at (713) 644-2181 or by fax at (713) 644-1257. You can also contact our sales group, in Houston, by sending an e-mail to Dona Sharbeno at the following e-mail address: MHERNANDEZ@CHMPGRP.COM.

Champion Hi-Tech Manufacturing Company, Inc. has been manufacturing "CHAMPION MECHANICAL SEALS" for over 30 years.

Champion Mechanical Seals has a full range of seals available in our line up to serve every need. Information for some of our seals appears on the buttons to the left. This page is still under construction so be patient with us and if you have any needs or questions contact us to discuss how we can help..

  • STYLE 651

    The Champion 651 single spring design goals were performance, simplicity, and economy.

  • STYLE 351

    The Champion Style 351 is designed to contain the sealed fluid effectively and safely, while insuring a long seal life. This is accomplished with the use of several design technologies.

  • Style 501C/502C

    The model 501C and 502C metal bellows mechanical seals are designed to give greatly improved service life over pusher seals.

  • Style 460/472

    The Champion Style 460/472 Tandem Cartridge Seal is engineered for high pressure applications.